About - Eliza May Pottery
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About Eliza

Eliza has always been a keen ceramist, studying at school and at Filton College, School of Art & Design, in Bristol. Her style is natural and feminine, with her use of materials and the soft glazes creating subtle tones and simple forms which have become synonymous with her style.

Eliza May Pottery was created in 2015 by Eliza, and is a small homespun business, seeing steady growth with local businesses ordering pieces to sell and to use in their own establishments.  Each piece is lovingly made in Eliza’s studio at the end of her garden in Wigginton, in the Cotswold countryside.

“I wanted to create pieces that can be used both decoratively and purposefully.  Eliza May Pottery has developed into more functional wares that can be used in the home and garden.  My glazes are very subtle and neutral, and can be combined with other colours so they can be placed in any coloured room”.

The Eliza May Pottery range includes candles in a choice of two fragrances, Rose and Bergamot.  These delicate scents smell beautiful and gorgeous in the home.  The candles can be found mostly in the cappuccino, macchiato and small bowls range.

Eliza also offers a bespoke service, creating pieces to suit individual’s requirements, including garden ware, tableware and larger bowls or jugs, that can also be used as vases.  The dual purpose and recycling element is important to Eliza’s ethical beliefs.

The Ceramics

Crafted from hand thrown stoneware clay and finished in a glossy white glaze, each piece has the base left uncoated providing contrast between the natural clay and the shiny white fired glaze.

Each Eliza May pottery piece is lovingly handmade, so each is unique.  All pieces feature the Eliza May pottery stamp, delicately embossed on the side of each vessel.

Easy to clean, each piece is strong and durable.

The Candles

Each candle is carefully hand poured using sustainable soya wax which burns cleanly.  The candles come in a choice of two fragrances, Rose and Bergamot.  More fragrances coming soon…

Once the candle has been burnt down, clean out the remaining wax and base of the wick, wash and reuse the vessel as a cup for your coffee or tea, a bowl for dips or to use on your dressing table.  Recycling at its best!


Distributed and sold through local business – homewares gift shops, garden centres, local honey makers offering bespoke gift sets for occasions – the Eliza May pottery brand has gained considered but strong routes to market.

We offer the flexibility to sell direct to consumers and provide a made to order service if required.


The Eliza May pottery Ceramic Collection is expertly hand thrown in North Oxfordshire, UK. Located on the edge of the Cotswold’s, The Studio, has been designed with style and simplicity to provide an inspiring environment to develop the range.

The subtle hues of the cool and warm grey’s against the whitewashed stone work and wooden beams provides a simple but stunning backdrop for the collection to be made and stored, with under floor heating for the winter months allowing a year round studio for Eliza May pottery.